Tragic Eyes is a solo project by Wendel Berckmans. He writes pop music with a dreamy touch, but also with the necessary dose of rock 'n roll.

In 2017, Wendel debuted with the song "Tragic Eyes" and its accompanying animated music video. His first album, "A Brand New Day," followed in 2021. Following the radio success of the single "Goodbye Emily," a second album titled "Beyond the Foothills of Reality" was released in 2023, featuring strong influences from progressive and psychedelic rock. In 2024, Wendel launched his third album, "The Great and Powerful Intergalactic Mushroom Man," inspired by the pop music of the 1960s and 1970s.

Tragic Eyes appears in vastly different formations on stage: from a solid rock band to orchestral arrangements to simply performing solo.


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